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I am proud to offer the following hands on services AT YOUR HOME:

Basic and/or Puppy Training :  Consultation and training which includes but is not limited to;  clicker, leash, door and recall instruction (both indoors and out), focused on helping you establish the foundation for a perfect relationship with your pup or dog through communication and leadership.  Your pup/dog will learn to trust and respect you, to think, listen and focus.  You will gain an in depth understanding of your dog/pup, confidence in your basic dog handling skills and the ability to solve minor problems so they don't become major ones. 
Includes some basic training items.
$125.00 first 1 hr. visit.  2 - 4 additional 1 hr. visits $50.00 each

Behavior Modification:   Consultation, observation, assessment and plan to successfully reform problem behaviors.  Includes but is not limited to some  Basic Training as well as situational instruction to help you address your unique dog issues through calm, direct communication and leadership.  Your dog will learn acceptable behaviors, to think, listen, focus, trust and respect you, as well as how to relax.   You will gain a greater understanding of your dogs behavior, breed and nutritional needs.  I will teach you strategies and solutions to calmly and confidently build or rebuild a harmonious relationship with your dog. 
Includes written info., some training items , toys (if applicable).
$150.00 first 1 to 2 hr. visit.  2 - 5 additional 1 to 2 hr. visits $70.00 each

Elite Puppy Potty Training Camp:    Round the clock, member of the family potty training and complete pampered cage-free care in my private home and yard.  Includes Photos and regular updates via e-mail or cell phone.  Basic training fundamentals and age appropriate instruction to teach proper behaviors, simple commands and successful socialization with people, children, cats and dogs. Many other perks and personal touches included.
References available.
Proof of vaccinations and signed contract required.
$840.00 for 12 day stay.  For more detailed information, contact Cat @ 480-751-8691

I look forward to working with you and your puppy or dog.

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