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My training philosophy is...

  • Communication between dog and owner is key.
  • All dogs can be trained and all questions are valid.
  • Tailoring solutions to fit each unique dog, owner and situation gets the best results.
  • Successful, lasting results from training  are best achieved using simplicity and patience with gentle tools and techniques.

I also believe....

  • Dogs need exercise, training and love.
  • Dogs need calm, confident leadership.
  • Dogs need their good behavior rewarded.
  • Dogs need opportunities to express their breed characteristics.
My training methods include:
  • Teaching owners how to recognize and use their calm energy to positively affect their dogs and to have fun working with their dogs.
  • Relaxed, structured loose leash walking instruction.
  • Clicker use,  teaching the dog to think and listen.
  • Positive reinforcement and Behavior modification.

Once you experience professional dog training results, you will wonder why you waited until now. 


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