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I am an animal lover first, and a dog trainer second. I cannot remember ever being without a dog and have never thought it unusual for dogs to live peacefully with other species.

I've worked with dogs and other animals all my life, from my earliest years helping train our Spaniel and a Collie mix  (and many other dogs over time) to volunteering at cat rescues, dog rescues and shelters, working as an emergency vet. tech and lab assistant and studying (both formally and informally), cat and dog behavior, psychology and genetics.

My many animal and human mentors teach me daily to better listen, communicate and be patient. 

My formal education through Animal Behavior College has given me a much deeper understanding of dogs and their behavior,  taught me how to focus my skills and abilities to be an effective trainer and provided me with the opportunity to experience first hand the difference professional dog training makes in the relationship between a dog and their owner.

My goal is to help you and your pets enjoy your years together in harmony.


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